Lori Sevener, The Artist

Scott Sevener, The Writer

Name: Lori Sevener
Role: Artist / Graphic Designer

Favorite Flavor of Laffy Taffy:
Fruit Punch, like whoa

Worst Place to Take a Date:
the police station...handcuffed...with bits of trash in your hair

Preferred Potato Preparation Style:
fried frenchly, with ranch

First Thing You'd Buy After Winning the Lotto:
I'd probably pay my car off, actually...

Most Annoying Pet Peeve:
Aren't all pet peeves annoying? When people use the wrong form of "they're," "there," and "their;" along with "your" and "you're."

So what is it exactly that you do here?
I draw. Then I trace. Then I hit the casino.

What’s your favorite part about what you do with L7 Comix?
Oh, it's most DEFINITELY rushing at the last minute to get everything done!

Who are your inspirations?
Jim Davis (Garfield).

Do you have a favorite strip?
Don't Pee in the Pool!

What comics do you make it a point to read on a regular basis?
Garfield, fo' sho'. Occasionally I'll read some Bizarro.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Sleep. I draw and work, so all I have left is sleep.

Where would you like to see this all go in the next few years?
Online, still... and hopefully at least a few people across the nation will say, "Oh yeah! L7 Comix! That Lori gal is my Asian hero!" because 'Asian heroine' would sound corny.