Lori Sevener, The Artist

Scott Sevener, The Writer

Name: Scott Sevener
Role: Writer / Web Producer

Favorite Fried Food:
hush puppies

Most Memorable Birthday Cake:
b-day #10 - Super Mario Bros. 3

Pet Always Wanted, But Never Had:
a baby alligator

One Thing to Take to a Deserted Island:
a friend…misery loves company!

Place I’d Like to Visit:
Alpha Centauri

So what is it exactly that you do here?
Oh boy – where would you like to start?! Well, first and foremost, I am officially the writer, meaning that I write the bulk of the text that you find on the site, as well as the newsletters, news posts, and so forth. And while I certainly can’t take all of the credit for the jokes that we base our comics on, I do compile the lists of which strips we’re going to run and also handle any polishing that needs to take place along the way.

Factor in the web design, statistical analysis, advertising and promotional efforts and you can see that I’ve got myself a pretty full plate around here! In fact, I probably should be wrapping this up about now…

What’s your favorite part about what you do with L7 Comix?
A close second is simply the fact that it’s a pretty cool project to be working on with my sister (Awwww….), but ultimately for me I’ve always had an appreciation for the quality of our finished product. I’ve seen quite a few online comics over the years and frankly, most of them aren’t really all that good – at least aesthetically, that is – and so to be able to produce a strip that is as visually pleasing as Ink, Paint & Tears… is very rewarding to me.

Plus, I’ve never been able to draw worth a poop, so it’s great to see that there are still other ways for me to take part in such an endeavor!

Who are your inspirations?
As far as comics are concerned, I think it’s pretty impressive to see just how massive the likes of Penny Arcade and Real Life have gotten over the years – I can still remember their very first strips and it’s amazing to see the evolution that has taken place, both in the artwork itself as well as their overall business model. But really, just about any of the comics that I regularly read (listed below) could be considered inspirational because just to be able to keep an update schedule is impressive to me…

Also, I have to mention the legendary Dave Barry for inspiring the writing side of what I do, as well as Walt Disney for pretty much being the most inspirational person ever. Just considering a fraction of all that he accomplished after being written off as a hopeless laughing stock by the entire entertainment industry sends chills down my spine!

Do you have a favorite strip?
Wrong House – not only is the joke a great one, but I really like the way the colors worked out, too.

What comics do you make it a point to read on a regular basis?
Online - Penny Arcade, Pet Professional, and Real Life
Print – I’ll catch Dilbert from the business section, but I don’t even give a glance to the “Funnies” anymore because, well, they’re usually not. Who really wants to read two dozen strips exactly like the Family Circus???

What do you like to do in your free time?
Ha! Free time…that’s a good one…

When I’m not in front of a computer, I tend to watch a lot of movies and have been trying adamantly to get myself back into reading again. My credit card statement also indicates that a good deal of time is spent over at Walt Disney World, but it’s certainly well worth every penny and really, some might consider it a responsibility to visit Mickey as often as possible when one lives so close to the House of Mouse!

Where would you like to see this all go in the next few years?
Between you and me, I’m just happy to be here today!

I’ll agree with Lori and hope that we’re still doing all of this in a few years, and while I would never expect to have a gargantuan following like some of the big players these days, it would be nice to see that our comics are making a few thousand people out there chuckle when they get up in the morning. Anything more than that is really just icing on the cake…