Comic for 10/4/2005 : Talking Muffins: Take 2 (keywords: muffins, talking, redux, oven)


A Blast from the Past
Tuesday - October 4th, 2005
posted by: Scott Sevener, Writer / Web Producer - Ink, Paint & Tears...
A little something extra for you this week to kick off the month of October with style, not to mention flavor - we thought it might be interesting to fulfill one of our early requests with a remake of the very first Ink, Paint & Tears... strip EVER!!! This strip is truly special to us for a number of memorable reasons, as it not only got us first started in this game by hinting that we might actually be on to something funny here, but it also played an integral part in our return to the comic scene last month after receiving rave reviews from just about anyone who got the chance to look through our catalog of strips produced over the years. Sure, it may be a simple joke, and some might accuse it of being a bit "confusing," but we like it, several of YOU like it, and that's good enough for us!
A Brief Chronology of the Articulate Breakfast Treat
So a very special thanks to Bob from Tampa, FL for offering up more than his share of laughter for this very special episode in Ink, Paint & Tears... history! As a small token of our gratitude, he'll be receiving signed prints of both the original strip and its 2005 counterpart - both perfect for framing, boasting and the years of admiration and sheer jealousy from family and friends that's sure to follow. Pretty sweet, eh?! Now for those left wondering how they might score some of our sweet props themselves, this would be a great opportunity to start sending us your jokes or even just some feedback on what you think of our work so never know when Santa Claus might be coming to town on our behalf!

Enjoy the mid-week special edition - I'll meet you back here on Friday with even more bells and whistles to suit your online comic needs...

- Scott Sevener
  Writer / Web Producer - Ink, Paint & Tears...