Comic for 12/9/2005 : Now That's Love! (keywords: howard, clown, husband, wife, sick, mailman, cheating)


Introducing Bozo the Office Worker
Friday - December 9th, 2005
posted by: Scott Sevener, Writer / Web Producer - Ink, Paint & Tears...
Honestly - I didn't plan for the redheaded guy to come out looking like a clown!

...but sometimes, that's just the way the turkey crumbles...or something like that. A quick run through our cast made me think that we needed a redhead in the gang, and now after the fact, I plan to spend the next six days contemplating whether or not that's actually such a good idea after all! Got a different opinion or perhaps you just happen to really like clowns? Drop us a line and lend a hand in determining the fate of our latest Ink, Paint & Tears... cast member, Kenny!

(Don't worry - live or die, I promise to refrain from the potentially-copyright-infringing We Killed Kenny jokes...)

I don't really have a whole lot to write about this week, so I'll keep things short this time around. I would like to offer a very special thanks to the latest subscribers who've signed up to The Weekly Muffin - whether you read us via e-mail, RSS, or even your LiveJournal Friends List, we're happy to have you aboard and certainly appreciate your help in spreading the word about Ink, Paint & Tears... So much so, in fact, that once we get a little closer to Christmas itself, we do plan on doing a little something to reward a very lucky subscriber or three, so if you haven't yet joined the ranks of those who get our latest comic strips delivered directly to them each and every week, you've still got a little time to sign up and get your name into that drawing! Only time will tell what we'll have in store for you...

May your holi-days be merry and bright!

- Scott Sevener
  Writer / Web Producer - Ink, Paint & Tears...